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Onward and Onward

Onward and Onward

It has been a while since I last wrote to you and lots has been happening. We finally launched our full line of Baby Goods last spring and the goods have been getting out indeed. Some pretty famous actors and actresses have been receiving Baby Goods and are loving them! The feedback from my actor/actress friends has been pretty special and I WISH I could share with you what they said but because some of them are like, really famous, and I don’t have their permission to really say what they said, I don’t want to say it here and get into trouble. But take my word for it, they like our Baby Goods just as much as I hoped they would! My dad’s products are pretty incredible and he keeps tweaking each batch we manufacture to make the next one even better than the last.

So no one is resting on their laurels here. We are trying to keep ’em coming, new Good Stuff for you as fast as we can get it in the pipeline. Dad has just finished our CALENDULA Balm 4 Cuts + Bruises. 25% Calendula in a sharp little stick to keep and use. It is heaven! This little new addition will be rolled out this fall, just in time for autumn and winter sports and spills. I am so excited about it!

But one thing I really wanted to share with you is what Mayron’s Goods has done in the greater community. We make our yearly contribution to the NATIONAL WOMEN’S HEALTH NETWORK in Washington D.C., a contribution from the year’s sales. The money there is given to various medical research labs that need funds, and all of you who have purchased from us are contributers to that. Makes me feel swell and I hope it does you too.

Also, and here’s a BIG ALSO, we have donated much of “Our Best” Barrier and Diaper Cream to Operation Shower, a non-profit group that puts on baby showers for army wives at Posts around the country who are expecting a baby. We are proud to be helping our service men and women on this side of the ocean engaged in the war effort, by donating the Goods for the new babies that are arriving.

Ironically I have directed two episodes of the Lifetime series “Army Wives” and when I was approached by Operation Shower I thought it such a cool thing to do, and was very excited to send our Diaper Cream out to the Posts.

Here is Michelle Obama arriving at one of the showers thrown by Operation Shower. And The Goods were there!

So where have we been making other appearances? Well we showed up at the ABC Baby & Kids Expo last year in Las Vegas and then at the New York Gift show at Extracts and also at Elements shown by David Pirrotta Brand Management.

Sharing the Jao Ltd. Booth with sister Gale at Extracts.

And last winter we were at The Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim California.

We are packing our bags again and going on the road, for the New York Gift Show this August at Extracts in the Jao Ltd. booth and at Elements, shown by David Pirrotta Brand Management ... And then in September, Louisville, Kentucky here we come, for the ABC Baby & Kids show, 2011.

It’s a busy year with lots that has been done and lots more to do. I myself, continue to be excited by life and all that it brings. I am excited by the new friends I have made, and the wonderful people I have met on the road, while I try to get our products out there to all of you.

I send my best wishes and excitement to you.

And remember,
Nothing is more important than this day.