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OMG! 2013! WHAT???!!!

OMG! 2013! WHAT???!!!

Yeah, right, so whats up with that? 2013? I can’t believe it. First off the kids are two whole years older than they were when last I posted, which is ridiculous because when last I posted I said to myself that I was going to post every month. Wow. So much for keeping a promise to myself.

But here goes. I am saying it again as I want to communicate with you more as Mayron’s Goods is growing. Time is a passing and none of us are getting any younger. Some of us are just being born, and some of us are cruisin’ in the fast lane onward. But I am here and I must say, more excited about life than I ever have been, and busier it seems than I ever have been.

First off, we are renaming our Baby line, from Baby Goods, to something really breathtaking ...

Okay, no snarky comments. I wanted to simplify. And not be confusing. And I wanted to match the cream color of my signature footwear.

So here we are. A look at just one of our new and improved Baby line. We also are launching SOON our new and improved On Line Store where you will be able to order BABY GIFTS of all sizes and combinations without stressing, using up gas, or leaving the house.

We have wonderful offerings that will be terrific to send and a terrific to receive. It will come in our signature gift box.

So stay tuned for that. Like I said, coming soon. Also coming soon are two additions to our ADULT line, for everyone. We have two new offerings for pocket and every day. Our new Vanilla Bean or Mint Lip Stuff.

All this will be available on the new site. We here are committed to giving you the most natural, organic products we can. You can use the goods knowing you are putting on you or your baby the best of what mother nature has to offer. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great time of it, whatever you are doing.