Mel & Dad

"Inspired by the demand for healthy, clean products with an organic and botanical origin, my chemist father, David Mayron, has formulated these astonishing products. As a medic in the army, looking for natural but incredibly effective formulations, he brings that mentality to our brand. Times are tough. Jobs are few. The price of living has never been higher. We are all on the front lines. Mayron's Goods. Basic. Timeless. Classic. Made good."

~ Melanie Mayron


Creator of Mayron's Goods Natural Skin Care Products

Melanie Mayron won an Emmy for her role on the groundbreaking ABC drama "thirtysomething". She has acted in feature films as well as television. She was last seen in a recurring role on "Lipstick Jungle" on NBC. She performed on Broadway and Off.

She has forged an additional career as a director in movies and television and most recently directed episodes of the critically acclaimed series for HBO, "Tell Me You Love Me" as well as several episodes of "In Treatment" also for HBO, starring Gabriel Byrne and Diane Weist. This season, along with launching her new line of Natural Skin Care Products for small and big babies, Melanie directed episodes of "Lipstick Jungle", "90210 on the CW" and "Greek" on ABC Family.


Mr. David Mayron is the former Assistant Director of Pharmaceuticals and Manager of International Pharmaceutical Services at Smith, Kline & French Laboratories. In 1988, he founded Mayron Research Laboratories, Inc. -- a contract laboratory specializing in formulation of liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and personal care products, and re-formulation of products that need improvement in stability, texture or taste.

He holds a BS and MS in Pharmacy from The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science, and holds a patent on the time-release tablet among others. Read more about how David and his daughter Melanie Mayron created Mayron's Goods Skin Care Line.