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So I’m at the Dog Groomer ...

So I’m at the Dog Groomer ...

So I’m at the Dog Groomer waiting for twenty minutes until the owner is done talking to the elderly man with the most filthy and matted white Husky you have ever seen. The poor, poor doggie with the sad brown eyes. She must be kept outside, her coat was dusted with dirt and twigs, but she had a home and she was being taken in for a bath and a brush out, so good for her. After he left, the lovely owner/dancer of Pour La Pooch in Hollywood turned to me and said, “Let’s put them on this shelf here.” Placing what you may ask? Why six boxes of Mayron’s Good Baby “Our Best” Barrier and Diaper Cream. They are now sitting underneath the hot spot spray and right to the left of the organic, pet body wash. I know I put out a list of “Other Uses” for “Our Best,” but one of them that I was frankly too chicken to list on the website, was how utterly fantastic “Our Best” has done to aid man’s best friend’s skin issues… like hot spots, irritations down there and it seems anywhere, on the little or big dog’s skin. A producer on the last episode of “Greek” that I directed bought a tube for her dog. My friend Jocelyn, who has been helping me launch Good Baby, had seen incredible success with one of her basset hounds. Lucy had had skin irritaions and rashes for two years- the vet kept handing her various creams to try and nothing helped. Well, Lucy gave “Our Best” a whirl and it fixed her up straight away.

It surprised me greatly, and I thought I would share the situation. As our cream is so loaded with so many treats for the health of our skin, that it is indeed a good thing for, well perhaps more than babies and big ones… but our canine friends as well. So if you know of new moms to share “Our Best” with, and even big ones with “issues” down there, please order away.

Operators are on call 24 hours a day to take your orders. And if your four legged friend needs our help, well, you can sleep well knowing “Our Best” is there for them too.

Be well, have a great week.

And remember, “Nothing is more important than this day.”