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7 Books You’ll Love for Mother’s Day

7 Books You’ll Love for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is soon upon us and instead of the regular gifty gift we would get for mom, I thought books, reading, an old school kind of gift would do well ... at least while so many of our moms are hunkering down. So read on, to see what to read.

Flowers and candy—chances are those gifts are looming on the horizon for you this Mother’s Day. If you’re the kind of mom who loves to read, then let them know you’d cherish a new book or two, along with that “World’s Greatest Mom” coffee mug, this year. The question is, what book matches your personality? We put together a list that includes mystery, biography, fantasy, dystopian, business, memoir, poetry, and more. Check out this collection for the bibliophile mom like you, for this Mother’s Day, or any day.

If You’re a Mom Who Watches The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood on Hulu, You’ll Love ...

XX v XY: The Final World War, created by Bobby Goldstein and authored by Christina Cigala, it is a dystopian look at a near-future world where the final war is not fought between nations, but between women and men. Recent sexual harassment and assault allegations in the news, and the emboldened #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, make this book poignant and timely. Cigala says, “XXvXY celebrates a relationship between a mother and her daughter without glossing over how complex those relationships can be. It's fast-paced, empowering, and an easy read for a trip or the beach. It's a thriller and handles difficult subjects, but isn't anything that'll give you nightmares.”

Do You Face Anxiety, Depression, OCD, or Raise a Special Needs Child, all While Retaining Your Sense of Humor?

Meet Janie in Next Therapist Please as she raises a special needs child, consumes multiple glasses of margaritas, and consults six therapists in an attempt to live a rewarding life. Janie's journey is complicated, as she is blessed with anxiety, depression, and the annoying but amusing OCD. The book is by Laurie Finkelstein, and is inspired by her own experiences. Finkelstein says, "Next Therapist Please will delight romantic comedy fans, but it’s also most highly recommended as an insightful contemporary fiction novel that addresses mental health and the issues surrounding the stigma. It is perfect for moms who struggle with therapy, special needs kids, depression, OCD, but retain a sense of humor.”

For Corporate Moms Who Are Leaders in the Workplace

The first book in the Rise-Up Leadership Series by Raye Mitchell, Esq., is called How Women Negotiate from a Position of Strength. Years of research, life experience, and lessons learned from leaders like Michelle Obama, and a host of other high-profile influencers, are found in this leadership training series. It empowers women to rise-up as leaders, and disrupt the status quo.
“Short on time? Negotiating your journey forward in your career on your own terms requires protecting your brand and reputation. This easy to-use interactive book is packed with explosive, high-impact branding protection tools tucked into a quick reference package ready to use now,” says Mitchell.

Are You a Mom Who Likes Poetry and Is Ready to Take a Spiritual Journey?

Blue Bird is a book of poetry and prose by Magda Ayuk. It exposes the beautiful, as well as the ugly side of the human experience. An accompanying video is a bold statement by the author, as she displays her body with derogatory words written upon it. The book is both a political statement and a spiritual journey to self-love and healing. Magda says, “Blue Bird, a poetry collection that explores race, gender, love and freedom, is perfect for the millennial mom. The overarching message of the book is to explore your multiple identities and love yourself wholly, rejecting all ideas that don’t resonate with who you are.”

Perfect for Moms Who Like to Curl Up with a Cozy Mystery

Baker’s Dozen is the first novel in the Lexi Fagan Mystery Series. Author Autumn Doerr draws from her time in San Francisco as inspiration for the characters and settings. Dubbed an “urban cozy,” Baker’s Dozen is full of great characters and page-turning suspense. “For mothers who want to take a break from their day and escape for a few hours, the first book in the Lexi Fagan mystery series, Baker's Dozen, will take them on a thrilling, mysterious adventure through the streets of San Francisco,” says Doerr.

For the Mom Who Wants to Be Inspired by a Family’s True Story

The Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured shows the power of determination and love. Written by Susanne Bellefeuille, it is a biography about her father and the path he took holding the family together when his wife was diagnosed with a mental illness. A gripping story, it has a message of hope and faith. Bellefeuille says, “Lucas is the glue that keeps his family together, he never gives up on all the challenges his life throws at him, especially his wife, Isabelle's, psychotic depression. Being a Mom is a struggle in and of itself. Isabelle has five children who needed her, and she fought back from the depths of psychosis to reunite with a family she loved deeply.”

If You’re a Mom Who Enjoys Fantasy, Adventure and a Touch of Romance

The Fenrir Chronicles: The Prince by Nanishka Torres is a fantasy book with elements of romance and adventure. It makes a statement about society and what happens when fanatical factions rail against reason and science. It also portrays compelling, real characters faced with adversity, who fight for those they love and what is right.

“The Prince is a great book for mothers to share with their children as a reminder of their endless love for them. It is also a great reminder for mothers of how powerful and important they are in their children's lives. While we want to be strong and independent, our moms are the best people to be with when we feel anything but,” says Torres.

These books and authors are among those featured at the LA Times Festival of Books. Find them on Amazon and from other fine book retailers everywhere. Perfect for Mother’s Day, or for any day of the year, these books should be on every mom’s reading list.

Hope that helps... one or seven good ideas anyway. And then there are of course, our goods as well.

Stay safe, stay well, stay sane.

Mel at Mayron's

* Featured image provided by Working Mother. Written by Emily Green for Working Mother.