Here is some of our STUFF, each just under an ounce, so you can have our travel kit bag of skincare to take anywhere. Our 40% Shea Butter infused CHAP STUFF is just under an ounce, .95 oz., but in this mighty container, you’re getting about 4 times the amount of what you get when you usually buy your chapstick. Our SUN STUFF is an amazing 30 SPF sunblock with Zinc Oxide. Our NICK STUFF is 29% Calendula in a soothing balm that can be used post shave to soothe razor burn and small cuts. It also can be used to soothe and take the sting away after a burn. It calms the itchiness after bug bites and it heals cuts and bruises. It’s a natural homeopathic healing balm that works wonders. All our products are PARABEN FREE. This utilitarian travel bag, a distressed zipper and a waterproof interior, is good for other uses down the road! So hit the trail, the road, the skies, the pavement with some of our good stuff, just in case.


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