What a Week!

What a week it was! They flew the entire cast of THIRTYSOMETHING to New York City last weekend to appear on our first reunion after like a whole heck of a lot of years (you do the math, we went off the air in ’91)… to plug the DVD release of season one of thirtysomething being put out by the Shout Factory on that day, August 25.

And there we were waking up at three am California time to go to the ABC studios at Times Square to appear on Good Morning America. All seven of us, Me, Patricia Wettig, Ken Olin, Polly Draper, Mel Harris, Timothy Busfield and Peter Horton. We got to meet Diane Sawyer which was a thrill, and look head on face to face with pictures of ourselves in our thirties. So young, so skinny, yet, that trick time does to you when you live a few more years, it doesn’t feel all that long ago. The seven of us had and still do have interestingly enough, great chemistry and friendship, and when we get together it feels somehow like we are in a thirtysomething episode once again.

One of the questions Diane said we would be asked was what we have been up to lately. Well I pondered if I should plug Mayron’s Good Baby on the air. I didn’t want to appear like I am not in the business anymore and have dropped out and doing something else as that is not the case. I am still directing and writing movies and very much with my heart show business… It’s just that doing this baby line with Dad and meeting all the wonderful people that love Good Baby and want to help me with it, and learning an entirely new business i may add, is really cool…
so, uh, i wasn’t quite sure what to do.

But, I did tell everyone in the cast about it while we were waiting to go on, and they remember my parents and were real proud of the effort, particularly on the part of Dad who at 82 is in the lab today (Sunday) trying to get samples of the Body Milk Lotion done for me so I can give them out at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas in mid-September.

So before you know it, there we are on the air, sitting in two rows because there are seven of us, and it comes time to ask us what we are up to.

When they got to me I mentioned that I had just directed two shows for TV and then I paused thinking… “Should I say it?” and then much to my surprise… Mel Harris and Patty Wettig jump in, “Tell them about your Baby Cream!” and all six of them start talking at once. I couldn’t get a word in… to say what the new line was called. It was hilarious. Then I kind of yelled over everyone and said it’s called “Mayron’s Good Baby, a Natural and Organic line of Skin Care!” And after that Ken Olin blurts out, really loud, “It’s good for CHAFING!”

Sheesh. But what an amazing thing. To have the entire cast of thirtysomething plugging Good Baby on ABC. I couldn’t have asked for it to get out there a better way.



  1. Oh, thanks for telling that story. I don’t get to see these things, and I can just imagine how that group would be – all talking over each other like brothers and sisters. Perfect.

  2. Hi Melanie!

    I found a clip I could download online but they cut off that bit, so I am glad you got it out there on the live programme. It was so wonderful to see you all there and all you ladies looking so very little changed. You looked fabulous!
    I wish I could have found the whole thing. I THOUGHT it had cut off really abruptly. Maybe I will look about and see if I can find a fuller version around somewhere.
    Did that photo come out from when we lunched with you Melanie?
    When you have a moment would you mind mailing it to me please as I would love to see it? Nancy too! tatterdemalion2@yahoo.co.uk
    I expect you are not seeing my tweets as you are still following the account I more or less abandoned in June because it is somehow invisible to the search engine and is faulty so I changed from Ludovicah to Ludovicaa, but haven’t managed to get ecveryone to swap over yet.
    Lookingt out for that episode of DDD to appear somewhere online and very much hoping I will be able to get a thirtysomething DVD in the near future.
    Thanks again for everything I wish we might someday do that again, maybe have longer to chat someday. I had a lot of fun.
    MGB cream really is awesome. I use mine a fair bit and may need to get more before long! I will have to pursuade that local shop to stock it!
    Need to find some way to get back over there next summer for the Weird Al tour dates, not sure which part of the country that will be yet.. depends on who I end up going with (Nancy will be too busy setting up her massage business (Subliminal Massage) to nursemaid me this time)
    Anyway, this is getting kind of long and off topic! Congratulations on the DVD and on getting to see all those wonderful friends again .. You looked so good. I’m so proud you are a friend 🙂

  3. Hi Mel! This is PrayingMother. Had to say hello. I even (finally!) posted on my own blog. lol You’re an inspiration. Can’t wait to get the 30something DVD. Love that you got together with all of them again, and they had great things to say about “good baby”.

  4. There is a thirtysomething fan group on Facebook which sent me the video clip from GMA – it was warm and wonderful, just what I’d hoped. I loved how supportive the other six were when it became obvious you were not going to plug Good Baby.
    Also want to say I’ve made do with a collection of thirtysomething episodes taped from Lifetime, and it’s a marvel to have good, clean DVDs with -gasp of delight- cast and crew commentary and nothing edited for commercial time!!! I can’t think of another show that makes me smile through a whole episode just to hear this dialogue again, this melange of voices. It’s a true joy, Melanie, and now I’m (never satisfied) wondering when Season 2 will appear.
    All the best,
    Evelyn in Florida

  5. I heard the interview on NPR and thought it sounded pretty much just like a group of old friends getting back together… just with an audience. And I do think people would be into a fiftysomething someday!

    It’s funny because when the show was on the air I was a lot younger. Now I’m the thirtysomething looking for my place. I am so curious to watch now and see how differently I relate to it, especially being a mom.

    p.s. any feedback from BlogHer?

  6. Strange that a tv show and total strangers can actually mean something to you. I was in my thirties and expecting my daughter,Hadley, who we just dropped at Smith College yesterday. Thirty Something was a little bit of a lifeline for me.I’m glad to have this opportunity to reconnect with someone that a consider an old “friend.”


  7. Wow! This is w o n d e r f u l! 🙂 You all look so cute. Thank you for sharing… Me & my husband were really excited about this picture. What a great nostalgia.

    Shanna Tova & much success to you & your lovely family, from us :

    Hagit, Elad & Baby Noam – Israel

    P.S. I’m still working on finding the right cool places to promote your goods here. Although the market is quite flooded here lately, I will find the right place… 🙂 If it was ment to be. Take care.

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