Are your lips too dry? We’ve got your relief – try our popular LIP STUFF lip balms that come in 4 flavors. Coconut, Mint, Tangerine & Vanilla. Our Coconut and Tangerine LIP STUFFs are SPF15! Buy all 4 in our LIPPACK and save!

Lips Too Dry??
We’ve Got Your Relief!
Choose your flavor and feel GOOD!
LIPS SOS - Lip Stuff Coconut
LIPS SOS - lip stuff mint

LIPS SOS - lip stuff vanilla

LIPS SOS - Tangerine Lip Stuff SPF 15 lip balm
Our natural and organic aromatherapeutic infusion of all natural ingredients and Vitamin E hydrates and soothes chapped or dry lips. A subtle, sweet taste accentuates the goodness.
Paraben Free. 99.7% Natural  .09 oz
Made in the USA. Formulated in the Family Lab. Not tested on Animals. Tested on Actors.
5.50 Each!

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