Our Best Barrier Cream for Adults

Mayron's Goods Barrier Cream for Skin ProtectionMom called me a few months ago and said, “Mellie, the cream Daddy made is amazing! I went through a tube already.”

I was surprised.

“Mom,” I said. “What did you use the cream for?”

She answered matter-of-factly, and kind of proud
too, “My bunions!”

“Did it work?” I asked.


“Yeah,” she said. “It made my skin so much softer.”

My best girl friend had gotten a urinary tract infection. Every time she had to go, well… it killed her. Her Ob-Gyn told her to get some diaper cream ointment and use it. She told me she was running to the pharmacy to get some. I gave her a tube of “Our Best” and asked her to try it. She did and guess what she said? “It was fantastic. Really helped a lot!”

So that got me to thinking. Maybe this “diaper cream” had other uses as well. After all it is a “Barrier Cream.” Look it up. Barrier cream has been around ever since people have been making lotions and potions and people’s private parts have been irritated. Makes me think about before Henry Ford and the Model T; all those people riding horseback for hours, taking the train across the country to seek their fortune Out West, sitting on their bums for days at a time. Wouldn’t you be sore?

So here is a list of other uses for “OUR BEST Barrier and Diaper Cream.” A cream to keep in your medicine chest for, well, for those days you just might need it. After all, we’re all somebody’s baby.

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Soothes chafing due to any of the following:
  • New Shoe blisters
  • Too much tennis
  • Long trail rides
  • Day hikes
  • Honeymoons
  • Spring cleaning callouses
  • Extreme Sun Protection
  • Schvitzy Tuchas
  • Aprés spin class
  • Razor Burn
  • Air travel: cross-continent flights and red-eyes
  • A.O.D.R. *(Adult Onset Diaper Rash) *don’t pretend you don’t know
  • Triathlon: Post salty ocean swims, before bike ride and run