OVER TWELVE YEAR’S AGO, MY DAD AND I set out to develop a diaper cream. I wanted something natural. (No one was talkin' "natural" then) and I wanted a cream better than anything out there. As a kid I was an unofficial "taste tester" for children's flavored cough syrups that the company my chemist dad was working for was trying to make. They wanted them flavored good enough for kids to not spit it out when they had to take it. It was the fifties. I was five. Dad seemed to think I was a good enough judge of the stuff. And I suppose I was.


So fast forward thirty years and here I was pretty well known as an actress from numerous movies and television and one really, pretty big, hit television show called "thirtysomething" that was seen the world over.


I played a single woman with a dream. A woman much like myself, raised in suburban Philadelphia. My dream was to one day be an actress. But I actually had another dream, even bigger than that one. It was to become a mother. Of someone.

Which gave me the idea, as I tried to make that dream happen years after "Thirty Something" had come and gone, to work with my dad and create a line of natural, but truly special, baby skin care products. A few years later, I became a mother. Suddenly I really needed what we were trying to come up with -- natural, clean, beautiful products for my children. I was unhappy with everything out there. I would send my dad different diaper creams, or body washes, and say, “Can’t we do better?” He honestly thought we could.

So he set to work and started developing our products. No Paraben. No sodium lauryl sulfate. No DEA. Just natural, clean brilliant stuff. Loaded with essential oils, vitamins, anti-oxidants and healing ingredients in the aromatherapeutic tradition. My Dad, David Mayron, is a pharmaceutical chemist, and he has created the most amazing stuff for your baby's skin.


He attended the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. There he met Norma, a student at Temple University and a beautiful young thing who had been hand picked by the John Robert Powers Modeling Agency in New York City for being one of the prettiest girls in her Senior class.


And they fell in love and got married.

And a year or so later their first "Good Baby" came along... Moi!

Years later, he gave up being a company man and became his own boss, head of Mayron Research Laboratories in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

Here is mom and dad outside the lab on Cowpath Road.


This is where Mayron's Goods is developed.

My mom, a realtor in the Philadelphia suburbs, found the land. My brother, Bruce, a member of the New York Society of Renderers, designed the building.

This is also where my sister, Gale's product line, Jao, is developed as well. Jao is the other half of the family business. The best antibacterial hand sanitizer out there. And Goe Oil and Serious Moisture face cream and Lip Jao for Snobs. Check them all out at www.jaoltd.com.


My dad brings over forty-four plus years of experience to the development of our Natural Skin Care Line. At the lab, Wes, our next door neighbor who I grew up playing wiffle ball with in the back yard is now on the R & D team for Mayron's Goods as well as Dad's friend Cliff.


So after over a dozen years in development, we are bringing to you "Our Best" Barrier and Diaper Cream. In the next few months we will be offering up our "Tangerine" Baby Oil, our "Really Good" Hydrating Body Milk, our "Gentle" Head to Toe Shampoo, our "Amazing" Chapped Cheek and Lip Protector, and our "Can't Live Without It" Sleepless Night Cream.


A portion of the sales will be going to Women's Health Research. Here's why. Being a product of my parents, this has been an opportunity for my Dad and me to work together. It is also an opportunity for my Mom and me to do the same. My mother Norma helped build Jao, and is incredibly supportive of Mayron's Goods. She is also a breast cancer survivor. She's doing great. But I wanted to represent her in this effort as well. By donating to different medical research organizations specializing in women's health, I feel I am honoring Norma here too.

So all that said, Mayron's Goods is the result of a huge effort by my family and myself and all our life experiences combined, to bring to you the most natural and effective really incredibly neat stuff for your baby's skin.

And you don't have to be a baby to use it.

After all, we're all somebody's baby.